October 8th to 10th in 2020 at Jyväskylä

After registration, please send us your company presentation in Finnish or in English. Remember target groups: Manufacturers might want to target text to potential dealer / customers.

Information to be provided:

  •  Ingress (concise description of the company, max. 250 characters). Ingress is also used in the printed exhibition guide
  • The actual text, no character limit
    • The presentations are published as an article, so the spelling can be “story telling”
  • title image (recommendation 1080 * 608 pixels)
  • logo
  • stock photos (optional)
  • a list of all the brands the company represents
  • Website address (consider setting up a separate landing page for more efficient contact gathering)
  • Social media channels.

Information to be provided:

  • Title image (recommendation 1080 * 608 pixels)
  • Brand / Trademark
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Reseller
  • Logo’s
  • Sales pitch
  • Pictures of the product
  • Links to material on web (www, social media, etc)
  • Also remember reseller information
  • Whether the product or service will be available for sale in 2020 or later.

We publish standard press and campaign releases for those who have purchased the Premium package. We hope to get the image files (pictures, logos) and texts as separate files (not embedded e.g. in Word).

  • Download Konekilleri logo and use it freely on your marketing.
  • Use following hastags: #konekilleri #jyväskylänpaviljonki.
  • Share Konekilleri 2020 event on your own Facebook-sites.
  • You can also add it to your page as an event by clicking the three dots next to the Share button.
    Select “Add to Page …” from the menu
    Select your business page and click “Add Event”.
  • If you would like to make your own event, use “your company name in Konekilleri”. This will reduce the risk of having to answer questions about the event itself.
    • It’s a good idea to do this if you’re ready to publish there regularly.
    • Your event gives you the opportunity to tell even more about your company, your products and services.
    • Let us know about the event you created and we’ll post it on the Konekilleri’s website.

Area maps will be published soon.

Please note the following safety instructions:
  • Cover the hydraulic connectors with plugs or hats to prevent oil leaks to the floors.
  • When lifting equipment with hydraulic, mechanical support / lock is required to ensure that it remains safe.
  • Cover sharp corners and spikes with padding or create safety zones to prevent visitors from injuring themselves.
  • Packaging materials (cardboard, pallets,etc.) must not be stored in or behind stands. If you need storage, please take contact to Suomen Messulogistiikka.

Konekilleri’s staff will watch out the building phase and, if necessary, draw attention to the necessary safety measures. Those instructions needs to be taken action.

Paviljonki info (on Piippukatu’s side of the building) serves as a security center.


Deconstruction can begin on Saturday after the exhibition closes at 3pm, but the service doors will not be opened until the packing material’s has been delivered to the stands – still no later than 3.30pm. Traffic in hall’s need to be taken into account during deconstruction.

First Aid

During the exhibition there is a first aid team onsite. The first aid phone number can be found in the exhibitor guide. First aid can also be contacted through security officers or information officials. The first aid point can be found in the area map.


Tents in the outdoor areas needs to be fitted with suitable amount of tentweights. The requirements are as follows:

  • NOTE: If manufacturer has given precise instructions for tentweights, those need to be followed.
Tents sizes / minimum weights

2×2 m: min. 2 pcs 20 kg or 3 pcs 15 kg
4×4 m:  3 pcs 20 kg or 4 pcs 15 kg
4×8 m: 5 pcs 20 kg or 6 pcs 15 kg

Weights must be securely fixed to the tent frame.

NOTE! Natural stone’s or similar weight solutions without fastening option are not approved.