October 8th to 10th in 2020 at Jyväskylä


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Konekilleri - the new fair for agricultural professionals

Konekilleri is a new professional event in Finnish agricultural sector. Event is held in the middle of Finland, Jyväskylä Paviljonki (= Jyväskylä Fair Centre), which offers central location in hearth of the Finnish livestock farming. Since Finland has a strong forestry sector, wood and biomass processing has a visible role at the event.

Leading idea of Konekilleri is to answer to the real needs of professional farmers, manufacturers and companies, regardless of the size.

By bringing all stakeholders under a single roof visitors and exhibitors have the opportunity to share the latest products, services and knowledge between livestock professionals. In addition to products and services, visitors are also offered a professional program produced by competent partners, e.g. Maitoyrittäjät ry. Paviljonki also offers good facilities for the annual meetings of industry associations.

More than 5,000 professionals are expected to attend the event.

The market

Agriculture in Finland is going through transformation that has led to the situation that farmers are forced to seek alternative ways to make the ends meet. The solution seems to be two-fold, relying in growing in size and investing on efficiency seeking.

Currently the average farm size in Finland is 44 hectares while the EU average is 16 hectares which indicates that the growth of the farm sizes that has been ongoing for more than a decade is most likely to continue in coming years.

In order to manage the growth the solution is sought from technology and implementing best practices since there is hardly any tradition to hire outside work force.

Forestry is tied closely into Nordic agriculture. Finland has been traditionally strong in this sector and now after few years of status quo there is a new upheaval visible for the whole industry due 1Billion Euro investment into new pulp mill in Central Finland (Äänekoski).

Moreover, in past decade Finnish government has taken slightly alternative ways to fight the climate change and promoting bioenergy and biofuels to reduce the dependency for fossil fuels. E.g. in 2017 36% of the whole energy consumption in Finland was renewable, which was 2nd highest in EU countries.


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Jyväskylä, Central Finland

  • In the heart of livestock farming
  • Central forestry area
  • Easily accessible by public either private transport
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